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I’m an Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology, with research across robotics and computational neuroscience. I have also been an educational entrepreneur for over 15 years, running an educational publishing business and most recently a Math Thrills start-up company. I enjoy sport (currently some running and basic calisthenics), technology, travel, and entrepreneurial activities. I’ve just returned from a 2015 sabbatical working with Edinburgh University and Imperial College London in the UK, after a previous 6 months sabbatical living and working in Boston with Harvard and Boston University. I currently live in Brisbane with my wife and young son and daughter.

My life philosophy is inspired by one of my favourite movies, Terminator 2:

“There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves”… John / Sarah Connor

While stuff outside of our control can and does happen (sickness, changing economies, social unrest, relationship changes) I believe that we have immense power to shape our destiny. We just have to get up off the couch and put in those first steps towards change and continue to persevere to make it happen.