Battleships and Other Naval Ships

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I’m a keen amateur naval historian with a special interest in World War I and World War II battleships, and other general naval, aviation and military history. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a number of battleships and other naval ships over the years. Here are some photos and links.

Naval Photo Galleries

USS Ronald Reagan Supercarrier – I was there when it docked in Brisbane, Australia in July 2017.

USS Cassin Young – I visited this Boston-based Fletcher class destroyer in July, 2017.

HMAS Canberra – Got to see this Canberra-class landing helicopter dock in action off the Queensland coast in July 2017.

Battleship USS New Jersey, 2011 – I visited the Jersey in in Camden, New Jersey, 23 years after I first stepped on-board in Australia.

Heavy Cruiser USS Salem – I visited the Salem in Quincy, Massachusetts in 2013.

Light Cruiser HMS Belfast – I visited Belfast in 2015

HMS Victory – Nelson’s famous flagship, visited in 2015

HMS Warrior – The huge early ironclad that never saw action. Visited in 2015.

Battleship USS Massachusetts – I visited Battleship Cove when it was closed in Fall River, Massachusetts in 2013.

USS Intrepid – Visited the old aircraft carrier in New York in 2011, including the early cruise missile submarine the USS Growler and a retired Concorde.

Battleship New Jersey, 1988 – When I was 6 years old, the US battleship New Jersey visited Brisbane. My parents took me to visit it – after a multi-hour wait in the queue, we finally got onboard and my interest in these ships was born. No photos but a flyer scan.

Battleships at Maker Faire – Got to watch some battleship duels at Maker Faire in San Francisco, 2012.

Frigate USS Constitution – Got to see it from the outside and sailing in the harbour.

Destroyer Cassin Young – Got to see it from the outside.

International Maritime Museum Hamburg – visited in 2015, collection of naval models and dioramas.

Battleship Models

IJN Yamato and USS Missouri – I (badly) made a couple of kit battleship models when I was a teenager, one of IJN Yamato and one of USS Missouri.

Tank Photo Galleries

Bovington Tank Museum – The largest collection of tanks in the world, including a functional Tiger I, a Tiger II, Jagdtiger and the Mark I and successor tanks.

Civilian Ships

SS Great Britain – The great passenger liner made of iron by the one and only Isambard Kingdom Brunel, visited in 2015.


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