Grant Writing Consulting

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I offer a consulting service for universities and individuals looking to significantly improve the chances of their grant or fellowship applications being successful. I focus on the three key components of successful funding pitches:

Tell a compelling story, backed up by innovative science and impactful outcomes.

Please contact me at michaelmilford AT with the following details:

  • Your funding target
  • Your current grant or proposal draft or outline
  • Your CV

I will let you know whether I can help you, and provide you with a detailed quote.

Why Consult with Me?

I have 8 years of high successful grant and fellowship writing experience, resulting in more than $20,000,000 in competitive funding being awarded to me and my collaborators to date. I have obtained more than a million dollars of fellowship funding.

The funding represents a mixture of sole investigator funding (fellowships), international, multidisciplinary collaborative grants and funding from industry.

  • Milford, ARC Future Fellowship 2014 – 2018, “Superhuman place recognition with a unified model of human visual processing and rodent spatial memory”, $685,077 (commenced 2015).
  • Milford, ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award 2012-2014, “Visual navigation for sunny summer days and stormy winter nights”, $403,639
  • Milford, ARC Discovery Project Grant 2012-2014, “Brain-based Sensor Fusion for Navigating Robots”, $148,762.
  • Peter Corke, Ian Reid, Tom Drummond, Robert Mahony, Gordon Wyeth, Michael Milford, Ben Upcroft, Anton van den Hengel, Chunhua Shen, Richard Hartley, Hongdong Li, Stephen Gould, Gustavo Carneiro, Paul Newman, Philip Torr, Francois Chaumette, Frank Dellaert, Andrew Davison and Marc Pollefeys, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision, 2014-2020, $19,618,555
  • Michael Milford, Queensland Government, 2017-2018, $428,240
  • Thierry Peynot, Gordon Wyeth, Jonathan Roberts, Michael Milford, Paul Lever, “CRC Mining3 Chair in Mining Robotics”, 2016-2021, $1,000,000
  • Michael Milford, Air Force Research Laboratory, 2016-2018, $376,973
  • Michael Milford, Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship, 2013-2014, $106,728
  • AMP Tomorrow Fund award, 2016 ($25,379)
  • Queensland Young Tall Poppy of the Year, 2015 ($7500).
  • Bennett, T. Perez, A. Daly, A. Rakotonirainy, D. Butler, P. Corke, F. McDonald, T. Cockburn, K. Devitt, M. Milford, Steps Towards A Legal Framework For High Levels Of Autonomy In Field Robotics, 2017, $51,002
  • Milford, M. Dunbabin, J. Firn, Pilot Project Grant 2014, “Automated Environmental Change Monitoring”, $20,000
  • Milford, Equipment Grant, 2013, $11,600
  • Milford, Small Teaching and Learning Grant, 2011-2012, “No Student Left Behind”, $5,500 – used to develop video learning tutorials that have been successfully integrated into the new unit ENB339 Introduction to Robotics.
  • Milford, Equipment Grant, 2012, $15,000
  • Milford, Early Career Academic Recruitment and Development (ECARD) Grant, 2011-2012, $15,000 – used to fund collaborative visits to international laboratories and various field robotic equipment as well as minor equipment for undergraduate research projects.
  • Milford, Equipment Grant, 2011, $20,000 – used to purchase and build a new multisensory Pioneer 3 Robot Platform which is being used by undergraduate and postgraduate research projects.
  • Milford, Staff Start Up Grant, 2007-2008, $11,000

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