Old Games I’ve Written

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I started programming in Qbasic in 1994, but quickly moved on to C when Qbasic couldn’t give me the power and control I wanted. As part of the learning process I wrote a few game prototypes, based on classics like Scorched Earth and Zone 66. I recently came across the games as I was cleaning out some directories, so I decided to put them up on the internet in all their glory (or not).

There are three games here, although only two of them ever got anywhere near to being completed. Skywar is a 360 degree scrolling overhead fighter game, inspired by games like Zone66. Tanken8 was a side view tank fighting game, one of the ones where you have an arsenal of weapons, and you pick an angle and velocity to shoot at, and was basically completed. The third game, just called Plane, was an attempt at a 2nd 360 degree scroller using normal 320×200 non-buffering graphics. You can access descriptions and screenshots by clicking on the screenshots below.



Tanken - side view tank war game.

Tanken – side view tank war game.

Plane - 360 degree scrolling aerial game.

Plane – 360 degree scrolling aerial game.

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