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I have published or self-published a number of books through both my educational publishing business and also through my robotics research. I also run a number of websites on topics ranging from learning Math and English to running a sub 3 hour marathon and buying a diamond engagement ring.

My most recent initiative is called “Math Thrills”, which embeds real world math in entertaining, totally unrealistic situations encountered in the books, movies and games that kids love to read, watch and play.

Educational Publishing

I starting writing and self-publishing unorthodox educational books in 2000. Since then I have self-published three titles: Not a C Minus, Painless Physics, and Complete School. Together these titles have sold more than 6000 copies worldwide, including more than 5000 physical books.

My most recent educational publication is the world’s first non-highbrow Maths Thriller – a young adult novel stealthily filled with more than 25 mathematical scenarios. The first generation product (novel, worksheets, animated tutorials) was successfully crowd sourced on Kickstarter in 2014, and I have recently received investment funding and prize money to create the second generation product which also includes fun Math Thrills workshops in schools and further fiction.

Academic Publishing

I have about 100 peer-reviewed publications in robotics and computational neuroscience, including a book, journal and conference papers and magazine articles. You can find a complete list of my publications on Google Scholar.


I run a number of websites, here are some of the primary ones: – The second generation Math Thrills product line – The first generation math novel product – A guide to going under 3 hours in your debut marathon – A primer on all of high school Math, adapted from my Complete School textbook package – A primer on all of high school English, adapted from my Complete School textbook package – A comprehensive guide to buying a diamond engagement ring

Academic homepage – My academic homepage containing research and teaching related resources and information

Video Channels

milfordrobotics – My academic YouTube channel, containing both research and teaching videos. Currently sitting on 95k views and 519 subscribers.

mathmatevideos – My old YouTube math tutorials webpage