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I developed a casual interest in weightlifting a few years ago. My first set of gear was a cheap bench press and some free dumbbells. Because I generally work out alone, I eventually ended up buying a proper power rack so I could work out safely.

Currently I lift only casually, but I have followed programs such as Stronglifts and┬áMark Rippetoe’s 3×5. I’ve also had a bit of fun with the occasional bulking diet (4000 kJ shakes just before bed etc.), with interesting and mixed results.


Original bench press and current (mostly set up) power rack.



I ran the Stronglifts program properly for a period of 3 months. Starting as a pretty novice lifter, I achieved (for me) good strength gains, but by the end of the program, the prospect of going to failure multiple times during each workout just became a little too brutal. Near the end I had to drop to 3×5 after repeated failures. Below you can see the raw diary I kept (bit hard to interpret) and a cleaned up spreadsheet version. I did one hour long cardio session each week.

ScanImage00 ScanImage01

Diary in .pdf format

Lift Progressions

Note these are 3×5 or 1×5 max lifts, one rep max lifts are given next.

Lift Start Final Improvement
Bench Press 70 kg 90 kg +20 kg
Squat 60kg 107.5kg +47.5 kg
Deadlift 85kg 127.5kg +42.5 kg
Barbell (Yates) Row 50kg 90kg +40 kg
Overhead Press 30kg 57.5kg +27.5 kg

Final One Rep Maxes

  • Bench Press: 100 kg (2 plates each side, 225 lb)

Approximate 1 rep max estimates using Eryx 1 rep max calculator:

  • Squat: 122 kg
  • Overhead press: 64 kg
  • Deadlift: 148 kg (3 plates each side, 326 lb)
  • Yates Row: 105 kg

Bulking and Cutting Experiments

More for fun than any serious scientific interest, I’ve tried bulking and cutting a couple of times. My “stable” weight for the past 15 years has varied between 70 and 84 kg, at 178 cm tall (5’10”).

Bulking Approach

  • Minimal long duration cardio
  • Stronglifts 3 times a week
  • Generally increased carb, protein and fat intake
  • Protein shakes after each weights workout
  • 3000-4000 kJ shake just before bed each night

Bro-Science Results

The first time I tried to bulk, my weight stayed steady for a few months as I stuffed my face with as much food as I could reasonably stomach. Then my weight suddenly started going up, as if my body had taken a while to catch on. I pulled the plug a few weeks after that as the weight gain was so dramatic.

Cutting / Weight Loss Approach

Eat slightly less. Do everything else the same.

Weight loss was slow and steady. I’ve dropped from ~80kg to ~71 kg twice using this “method”.

However, whereas in my late teens and early 20s, 71 kg seemed to be a stable weight, to keep that now in my 30s I would have need to actually try in terms of moderating diet and maintaining exercise.